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Save the dropped baby hummingbird

Changde Wu    2022-06-26

This baby Ruby-throated hummingbird was found in ground of my backyard in bad condition. Our little dog found it and stayed on its side. We took her home and fed it with sugar water most time of the first day. When we took it outside in the late afternoon, we found her mom was around and tried to approach her. We laid the little bird on the grass, and found out that the mom indeed came and took are of her. We took the little bird to home during the night, and took it out during the day so her mom can fed her. This worked well for 2 nights, and the little bird left in the morning of the third day. Hopefully she is alive and healthy now.

P1 liitle hummingbird in the palm of human
P2 The liitle bird and the dog discovered her in the ground
P3 The mom hummingbird in the tree branch
P4 Hummingbird mom and kid
P5 The moment of mom hummingbird flew to little bird in the next moring
P6 The moment of mom sed the little one
P7 The bird is on the platform I made, the small paper box in a baking pan. the bird usually stands on the edge of the small paper box
P8 bird flapping its wings
P9 The original change, the small box was placed in a large plastic box, the mother bird flew toward the little bird, cannot fingure out the way to get in
P10 The improved scheme, the small box is placed in a small plastic box, and the mother bird has no problem flying to the bird
P11 The mother bird feeds the birds, and the photos taken through the plastic box are all kind of "Impressionist works"
P12 The small cardboard box was raised higher for clear photos. This was the moment when the mother bird flies to the little bird.
P13 The Mom and the little one pulling their beaks.
P14 The Mom and the little were looking at each other
P15 The Mom is back
P16 Asking Mom for food
P17 The little one was looking farer and higher
P18 The Mom and the little
P19 Deep throat
P20 Souvenirs: The small cardboard box where the bird lived, the bird's nest that fell (can hold a ping pong ball at most), the bird's feces at night and in the morning, the sugar water feeding the little bird, and a one-cent coin for reference. The bird needs protein from the mother bird. It would be difficult for human being to feed as a little creature. Sugar water is not enough for little hummingbird to grow up.

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